Notifications, Assessments, Diplomas

If you are in the "considering homeschooling" stage, start here.

In the state of Ohio you are required to notify your local superintendent of your intent to homeschool each year.  Notification is very simple no matter what you have heard! You simply fill out this form and include outlines of intended curriculum and textbooks.  What do those outlines look like?

The key word is 'intended'.  You have the option at any point in your school year to adjust your method, books, or direction without further notification.  That is the beauty of homeschooling!  If your little person is hating the math book, change it.  If your older child needs to step back a grade in one subject only, no problem. 

Assessment Options
With that notification you will need to submit an assessment.  Three choices are given for assessments: 

Option 1 - Standardized Achievement Test
Families choosing to use testing as their assessment are required to submit the results of a nationally normed, standardized achievement test which meets the requirements set forth in rule 3301-12-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code.  The test can be performed by a licensed or certified teacher who holds a valid Ohio teaching certificate, a person authorized by the publisher of the test, or another person mutually agreed upon by the parents and superintendent.  Parents are only required to send in the composite score of the test.  Use this form to record and submit your child's score.  Testing works well for those using a textbook style of teaching or those desiring a clear picture of their child's ability in certain areas.

Option 2 - A Written Narrative
A written narrative is when a licensed or certified teacher, holding a valid Ohio teaching certificate, looks at a sampling (portfolio) of your child's work from the year and then indicates that the child’s academic progress for the year is in accordance with the child’s abilities. They will need to then sign this form for you to submit with your outlines. You will find a list of local assessors here.  Written narratives are a great fit for families who use unit studies, multi-level teaching, the Charlotte Mason method, or delight driven learning.

Option 3 - Alternative Assessment
An alternative academic assessment of the child’s proficiency mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent.

Ohio law now requires that diplomas issued to home educated graduates and -08 graduates will satisfy any legal requirement to show proof of completion of the student’s high school education under the regulations that govern these two educational options! Click for more info on Diploma Fairness for Ohio Homeschoolers.

In closing...
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Pearls, Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO), or Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  We strongly encourage all home educating families to become members of HSLDA and supporters of CHEO, their state homeschool organization.  These two organizations work hard to protect the ease and freedom of parents' right to homeschool their children.