Pearls began in the late 1990s as P.E.A.R.L.S - Parents Extending and Receiving Love and Support.  When the group folded due to families moving or changing schooling choices, the newer moms found themselves lacking much needed fellowship and support.

In 2002 those new homeschool moms met and regrouped with the blessing of the original founder. Statements of faith and purpose where drafted*, a regular meeting day and time were chosen, a steering team was formed, and the fun began!  

Since that time, we have become known simply as Pearls, a Christ centered homeschool support group for moms.  Our desire is to encourage the hearts of moms who are in the unique position of wife, homemaker, mommy, and teacher all at the same time.

For more information about Pearls, or just to have some homeschooling questions answered, please email us at pearlshomeschool@gmail.com.

*We were blessed to glean parts of our statements from groups across the country.  Please feel free to use part or all of the Pearls statements of faith and purpose if needed for your group. We are happy to talk with any leaders who need some info on starting a group.